“When I first broke my neck I thought life was over but I made a decision to never be beaten by my injury and chose to live a life of possibility not disability.”

Trev Baker suffered a life changing spinal injury on New Year’s Eve 1999, and suffered a broken neck which left him paralysed with limited movement. He relies on a powerchair for mobility and Carers for basic needs.  Read More about Trev…



The journey from an AB to a BA is the life story of somebody who suffered severe spinal injury after a fall climbing. Who was left with a high level of paralysis and told he would never walk again. This book explores the journey from being active and able bodied (AB) to gaining a degree and becoming a bachelor of arts (BA). From the transition of adapting to disability, living independently, getting an education and finding a life worth living. To finding new adventures and misadventures on the way including continuing a life long passion for skiing and finding new challenges and ways of enjoying the great outdoors.



Trev suffered a life changing injury nearly 19 years ago, where his life was literally ripped apart and he broke his neck, dependent on carers and the use of a powerchair for mobility.

Still Rolling is a remarkable account of one man’s determination not to be beaten by his injury and live a life of possibility not disability ranging from life experiences, travel, overcoming obstacles and barriers.

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